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Area rugs

Have area rugs professionally cleaned before your move. They will return from the cleaners rolled, wrapped and ready for packing. Have area rugs professionally cleaned before your move.They will return from the cleaners rolled.


To help prevent damaging the finish and fragile edges of dressers, tables and other furniture, wrap the items completely with moving blankets and secure the blanket with stretch film.

Make a Packing Plan

Once you have your moving date make a packing plan to determine which items you want to move, what items you want to get rid of, and what pieces need to wrapped and secured. The more you are prepared the smoother your unpacking will go.

Heavy Items

Remove as much as you can from your furniture to lighten the load and have a plan for moving anything heavy. Push instead of pull which is easier on your body and use essential moving tools like lifting straps and dollies to make your life easier. If you need help we can bring the tools and the muscle!

Small Items

Start organizing and packing the small stuff early, clearly label what is in your moving box. Wrap glasses individually with packing paper and place crumpled paper inside the large pieces to diminish empty space. Having everything packed and ready for us to move is going to save you time and money.

Small Items

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Customer Reviews

“ We would like to thank the Valley Firefighter Movers crew for the excellent job they performed! We couldn’t have asked for a smoother move.”

Amy Sheffrin,

Amy Sheffrin,

Mesa, AZ

“ The Valley Firefighter Movers team we had were wonderful! They were extremely hard working, helpful, professional and polite.”

Dan Hoffman,

Dan Hoffman,

Tempe, AZ

“ Would just like to say that the Valley Firefighter Movers were great to deal with. These men treated our furniture as if it was their own and I would highly recommend them to anyone moving!”

Samantha Nicholson,

Samantha Nicholson,

Chandler, AZ